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Welcome! As an aspiring restaurateur, it is important to keep with the latest news and trends in the hospitality industry. Here on the home page, I strive to provide some of the most influential and relevant news articles impacting our economy, culture and tastes. 


News & Notes

Hot Topics

FDA warns on OTC acne medications

CDC reassigns to scientists after anthrax scare

Additive Act will work to ban BPA in product

Honey Bee population continues to decline as EPA does nothing

California to raise min. wage by $1

GMO labeling in MASS gaining steam

Water supplies in major western cities nearing alarming levels 

Whole Foods must pay for overcharging on salad bar

Chobani in trouble again? Sugar probs? Greek? 

The Quinoa Quandary 

MA House passes bill requiring $11 state min. wage

IFA fights proposed min. wage increase in Chicago

Prices for meat, poultry, fish and eggs hit all time high

Mad Cow confirmed in Texas

Europe bans American apples

Frequently Pondered Subjects

F.A.Q.’s on 
organic food

Who owns your favorite organic brand?

Why consumers go organic

Aspartame now known as ‘Amino Sweet’

A closer examination of ingredients

5 words to be leery of at the market

FDA’s proposed label changes

Food label fables 

Caramel coloring: Is it safe?

What caused deadly plagues and disease to linger? 

What's Lurking In My Food?


Trisodium phosphate (Paint Thinner) in cereals


Azodicarbonamide in more than you think!

Health & Wellness News

Even low levels of arsenic in tap water dangerous for children

Butter’s benefits

Don’t get hangry! Steer clear of these foods 

Fighting metabolic syndrome

Synthetic vitamins & minerals may cause harm

Most dangerous toxins for the brain

Nutrient density of vegetables

Pumpkin seeds may deter balding

3 Foods that combat cholesterol better than statins

How gluten attacks our bodies

Many foods with HFCS testing high for mercury

Chlorella & Cilantro powerful detoxifiers

Destructive PEDv a result of rampant antibiotic use in agriculture

Organic vs. Conventional Milk

Non GMO foods being sought out more than ever

Enzyme deficiencies explained

Why boosting Vitamin D can reduce mortality rate

Wheat woes

The worst trans-fats

Dental work and your health

Mercury’s lethal effects on the body

5 Belly fat fighting foods

Capsaicin helps control blood sugars

7 foods that will fight diabetes

Citric Acid: Why are you everywhere? 

Odd link between J&J Baby Powder and ovarian cancer

Noni Juice benefits

Niacin deficiency

Omega 3s may help with sleep problems

Cilantro: The super bio-absorbent 

Triglycerides have same effects on brain as street drugs

Dark chocolate and gut bacteria

Why junk food may be decreasing your testosterone 

Iodine deficiency symptoms

English study show 7 servings of produce daily decrease mortality 

Wales set to ban E-Cigarettes: Will the U.S. follow suit?

Foods to boost metabolism

The top 5 lurking toxins

A closer look at corn

Why low fat products often have more sugars

New stroke guidelines for women

Three superfoods that help support brain function

Shiitake mushrooms and cervical cancer

New study shows vegetarianism not as healthy as you may think

Spirulina protects fetus from heavy metals

High protein diets can have catastrophic effects on body

Zinc deficiency signs

Grapefruit Seed Extract

The protein punch of chia seeds

The 7 worst ingredients 

Newer birth control pills up the risk for blood clots

An apple a day keeps the caesium-137 away

Chocolate acts as an anti inflammatory in the gut

Algintate in Kale

Phytoestrogens in flaxseed may hold key to fighting cancer

Glyphosate in GMOs can lead to chronic illness

Spirulina effective at removing lead from waste water

Are Heinz’s products really “all natural” as claimed

How to cope with Daylight Saving Time

6 Headache triggers

Vitamin D lacking in most cancer patients/Link still unclear

Resveratrol and metabolic disorders

Oregano oil’s antimicrobial properties may help ease noro virus symptoms

Beta glucans can boost immunity

Smart Balance to remove GMOs from products

Frankincense may be key to ovarian cancer treatment

Well done meats increase risk of developing diabetes and dementia

Half of nation’s tapwater contains Legionnaire’s causing bacteria

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy linked to behavior disorders

A closer look at Xanthan Gum

Fermented foods’ effect on gut flora

The dangers of high protein diets

Naringin in grapefruit may reduce breast tumor risk

Farm raised fish facts

Omega 3s cut the risk of Alzheimer’s 

Probiotics may help ease autisms effects

A whole new meaning to the term “mystery meat”

Consumer Reports finds almost all of chicken is tainted with harmful bacteria

Carcinogen: Consumer Reports investigating caramel color in soft drinks

Even low doses BPA increases prostate cancer risk

The GMA wants GMOs to be labeled “natural”

Radioactive fish caught near Fukishima

GMOs on the Today Show

Ractopamine: Banned in 160 countries-Guess which big one it’s not!

Conjugate linoleic acids (CLAs)  and their effect on cancer cells

Protein overload

The benefits of probiotics

Some heartburn meds may lead to B12 deficiency

Harvard professor scrutinizes FDA

Digestive problems and GMOs

FDA to phase out certain antibiotics in commercial meat production

Chiropractic adjustments may help fight heart disease

Reading is not only fundamental, but great for your brain!

(Teenage) Mutant Vegetables? Are we at risk?

B Vitamins shown to stall progression of Alzheimer’s 

New study show potential dangers of baking with Splenda

Gut bacteria study- It may surprise you

Tracking Outbreaks

Top doctor in Sierra Leone contracts Ebola

Bubonic plague breakout in China

Chik-V jumps to US

Ebola outbreak largest on record

PEDv still ravaging piglet population

Could Ebola enter the U.S.?

Cruise ship passengers particularly vulnerable to Chik-V

Why Ebola is so lethal 

Increase in tick population in

Chik-V still on the rise and spread to 15 states

Chikungunya pops up in FL. Man

Ebola update

Mers in the U.S.

Tips for Healthy Living 

Avoiding mosquitoes

Improving your lymph system

Which protein powder is best?

10 wild plants packed with powerful nutrients

11 tips for lowering colon cancer risk

The benefits of whole food based diets

Improving thyroid function

Why testing tap water is important 

Understanding the dangers of energy drinks

Minimizing your risk for foodborne illness 

Dietary tips for cancer prevention

Complete vegan proteins

2 Ways to combat belly fat

Handwriting helps improve brain function

Healthy teas 

Summer safety

Fabulous flax

Improving circulation

4 Great foods for eye health

Adding cinnamon to your diet

Maintaining B-12 Levels

Reducing carcinogenic intake when grilling

7 Ways to build super immunity

Manuka honey and lemon juice

5 Foods with high water content

Things that may be making your body toxic

6 Factors supporting your immunity

Where to find the best fiber

Foods that can improve sleeping patterns

4 Foods that help the skin

4 Foods that lower blood pressure 

4 Reasons to dig coconut oil

Benefits of drinking lemon water

12 Things that may be lurking in your supplement

The power of legumes

5 superfoods for gut bacteria

11 Ways to boost your metabolism

Signs of a magnesium deficiency

The benefits of cocoa

9 Ways to get your Chia on

10 Tips to ensure good sleep

Petroleum: The toxic skin care ingredient

Looking for a spring detox plan?

Ways to reduce cell phone radiation

5 Bean Benefits

Nail fungus tips

Vitamins C, E and selenium for kidney and bone protection

Potassium rich foods

Check your poop! No really!

7 aspirin alternatives 

The benefits of Vitamin C

Beware of carrageenan

The dangers of fluoridated water

Healthy bathroom habits

Benefits of aloe vera

Decaffeinated coffee warning

The dangers of common personal care products

Naps may be more beneficial than you think!

The benefits of consuming more alkaline based foods

Alkaline foods 

5 warning signs for thyroid disorder

4 reasons for reading

The best and worst fish to eat

Ways to improve your breath

5 other benefits to taking a bath

Hand washing statistics

Sleeping well

5 Reasons to go organic 

5 foods you can eat anytime

Sleeping well

Potentially lethal and toxic chemicals in cosmetics

Do you feel chronically ill? 4 Reasons you may not think of

Chocolate cravings?

5 hormone disruptors

The benefits of alpha lipoic acid

Great food for the kidneys

Healthy gut bacteria benefits

4 ways to rid your kitchen of toxins

Is your morning routine slowly killing you?

Healthy habits for the New Year

14 Alkaline foods

The benefits of warm weather

The 10 worst GMOs on your grocery list

9 plants to detoxify your home

What is lurking in your carpet?

The benefits of licorice root

How harmful is your bedroom?

Best herbs to fight belly fat

Growing your own broccoli sprouts

Add some cucumber to your smoothies

Keep your face healthy

Simple, affordable superfoods

Infrared saunas 101

Meditation for inflamation

Stay well and flu free with these tips 

5 parasites to be aware of

Lavender oil may help ease migraines

Tumeric and bay leaf team up to fight atherosclerosis 

Ancient healing powers of frankincense & myrrh

Teas that will relieve stress

Why being hydrated is so important

4 great anti inflammatory foods

5 ways to keep healthy skin in the winter months

5 foods for healthy teeth and gums

5 toxic chemicals in your home to ditch

Warm lemon water for de-toxing

4 Ways to protect your liver from prescription drugs

Eat your veggies. Or at least drink them!

7 Root vegetables to boost health

7 Ways to boost your immune system 

Detoxing your body from the effects of GMOs

Keeping a healthy thyroid 

4 toxic foods & beverages for unborn babies

5 herbs for your liver

11 herbs that naturally improve lactation in nursing mothers 

pH balancing act

Grow your own: healing herb garden

In Season: 4 Vegetables to enjoy at their peak

Magnesium: Break it down

3 Reasons you should stop using commercial cleaners

10 Reasons to say yes to more fiber

400 Companies that DO NOT use GMOs! 

Hospitality News

Hershey’s announces an 8% increase in price on all products

Dominos profits rise 2Q significantly 

Update: Burger King & Starbucks now in the China meat mix

McDonald’s & YUM! forced to investigate meat supplier

June sales slow down

Olive Garden’s new design to roll out soon

Unlimited appetizers at TGI Fridays

World Cup helping to bolster food sales from pubs to pizza

Restaurant traffic in May highest since 2012

Village Inn to expand

Del Taco ramping up for 50th Anniversary

NPC International to purchase Wendy’s units

Subway to install Keurig brewing units in stores

McDonald’s still faltering domestically

Starbucks to open up all day café

Same store sales increased in May

Panera will remove all artificial ingredients by 2016

Sbarro emerges from bankruptcy

No-you can no longer have it your way at BK

Auntie Anne’s storefront redesign

Food & Beverage News

How high pressure processing will change the juice industry 

Target Field installs beer vending machines 

Great Lakes Brewing up an astronaut themed ale 

Apple & Eve acquired by Lassonde

Anheuser-Busch & Miller Coors will post ingredients online for consumers

Stone Brewing mulling new brewery in 3 different states

Taco Bell: Burrito-Quesadilla hybrid coming

Burger King rolls out new burger

Wendy’s introducing Steakhouse Jr. cheese burger

America is the top consumer of wine

What canola oil really is for

Raw milk may be more widely available soon 

Coke & Pepsi removing BVO from products, but only to be replacing with yet another chemical

Honest Tea sales are climbing

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