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Welcome! As an aspiring restaurateur, it is important to keep with the latest news and trends in the hospitality industry. Here on the home page, I strive to provide some of the most influential and relevant news articles impacting our economy, culture and tastes. 


News & Notes

Hot Topics

1,000 new Ebola cases in 2 days 

These brand names are stuffed full of GMOs

Milk now more expensive per gallon that gasoline

Chocolate wars

Ebola breakouts still occurring despite lack of coverage

Ebola patient in Nebraska dies

Enterovirus cases still on the rise

Ebola threatens world’s chocolate supply

Second nurse tests positive for Ebola

More about Ebola

Health & Wellness News

Signs of Vitamin D deficiency

Why we should avoid soy

Beware of mass marketed “yogurt” brands

How insomnia wrecks havoc on the brain

How mercury fillings cause candida build up

High triglycerides and diastolic pressures associated with added sugars

Seasonal super foods

What is slowing your metabolism?

Olive leaf extract on insulin resistance

The importance of antioxidants 

DHA promotes brain health

Omega 3 benefits the brain

Cocoa flavonols help slow memory decline in new study

Is milk really all that great for you?

Vitamin D deficiency decreases brain function

Essential fatty acids explained 

Can birth control cause depression?

Fluoridated water found to calcify your arteries

Athletes beware of energy drinks

Fluoridated water found to calcify your arteries

Athletes beware of energy drinks

How sweeteners hurt your body

Increase in abdominal fat linked to increased risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal  women

How sugar plays head games

Leptin could be new critical therapy for diabetes 

Why sweating is healthy!

Calcification of pineal gland indicator or Alzheimer’s

Apigenin in celery shows promising results again lung cancer

Key compounds that stabilize blood sugar levels

How fruit can reduce your risk of CVD

The causes of thiamine deficiency 

Thyroid cancer in youth sky rockets in Fukishima 

Increasing micronutrients can help boost fertility

Tasmania will be GMO free to protect honey supply

Overuse of antibiotics actually forcing to find new cures? 

Adding coconut to diet may help diabetes

Fall superfoods to enjoy

Pycnogenol shows progress with heart disease and inflammation

Ayurvedic medicine shows promise in colon cancers

Green tea compound can alter pancreatic cancer cell metabolism

Fisetin compound found in fruits can help with progressive memory loss. 

Blood sugar regulating foods

Vitamin D deficient people more prone to schizophrenia 

Is cholesterol really the number 1 factor in heart disease?

5 Global ingredients to consider

Probiotic rich foods help lower blood pressure

Tumeric + Big Pharma meds may be the answer to many cancers

Hidden GMO ingredients in your corn

Even low levels of arsenic in tap water dangerous for children

Butter’s benefits

Don’t get hangry! Steer clear of these foods 

Fighting metabolic syndrome

Synthetic vitamins & minerals may cause harm

Most dangerous toxins for the brain

Nutrient density of vegetables

Pumpkin seeds may deter balding

3 Foods that combat cholesterol better than statins

How gluten attacks our bodies

Many foods with HFCS testing high for mercury

Chlorella & Cilantro powerful detoxifiers

Destructive PEDv a result of rampant antibiotic use in agriculture

Organic vs. Conventional Milk

Non GMO foods being sought out more than ever

Enzyme deficiencies explained

Why boosting Vitamin D can reduce mortality rate

Wheat woes

The worst trans-fats

Dental work and your health

Mercury’s lethal effects on the body

5 Belly fat fighting foods

Capsaicin helps control blood sugars

7 foods that will fight diabetes

Citric Acid: Why are you everywhere? 

Odd link between J&J Baby Powder and ovarian cancer

Noni Juice benefits

Niacin deficiency

Omega 3s may help with sleep problems

Cilantro: The super bio-absorbent 

Triglycerides have same effects on brain as street drugs

Dark chocolate and gut bacteria

Why junk food may be decreasing your testosterone 

Iodine deficiency symptoms

English study show 7 servings of produce daily decrease mortality 

Wales set to ban E-Cigarettes: Will the U.S. follow suit?

Foods to boost metabolism

A closer look at corn

Why low fat products often have more sugars

New stroke guidelines for women

Three superfoods that help support brain function

Shiitake mushrooms and cervical cancer

New study shows vegetarianism not as healthy as you may think

Spirulina protects fetus from heavy metals

High protein diets can have catastrophic effects on body

Zinc deficiency signs

Grapefruit Seed Extract

The protein punch of chia seeds

The 7 worst ingredients 

Newer birth control pills up the risk for blood clots

An apple a day keeps the caesium-137 away

Chocolate acts as an anti inflammatory in the gut

Algintate in Kale

Phytoestrogens in flaxseed may hold key to fighting cancer

Glyphosate in GMOs can lead to chronic illness

Spirulina effective at removing lead from waste water

Tips for Healthy Living 

Brain boosting herbs

Beating the flu or a cold faster

Ayurvedic tips for boosting immunity 

25 ways to de stress

Adjust your sleeping habits

Guide to a healthier happy hour

12 types of produce that are full of water

Adding ginger to your diet

Leaky gut symptoms

Storing 7 super foods longer

Germiest spots in the kitchen

Boosting your immune system

Therapeutic baths at home

5 Immunity powerhouses

Herbal remedies you can grown on your own

5 Top foods for energy

Walking intervals during long periods of sitting beneficial for arteries 

The benefits of cinnamon essential oil

10 Super foods for babies and toddlers

How to add more chia to your diet

Fighting fall allergies

Improving lung function

6 herbs that can help with weight loss

5 Foods that help reduce cancer risk

6 ways to improve bone strength 

5 Habits to boost metabolism and weight loss

Improving digestion

7 Foods with potent antibacterial compounds

4 Herbs for liver health

Boosting your iron levels

6 herbs that can help with weight loss

5 Foods that help reduce cancer risk

6 Ways to improve bone strength 

5 Heavy metals to avoid in processed foods

Anti microbial herbs for your gut 

4 Foods to lower cholesterol

7 foods with potent antibacterial compounds

4 Herbs for liver health

Boosting your iron levels

3 Blue foods to eat this summer

10 great foods for diabetics

4 Weight loss mantras

Avoiding mosquitoes

Improving your lymph system

Which protein powder is best?

10 wild plants packed with powerful nutrients

11 tips for lowering colon cancer risk

The benefits of whole food based diets

Improving thyroid function

Why testing tap water is important 

Understanding the dangers of energy drinks

Minimizing your risk for foodborne illness 

Dietary tips for cancer prevention

Complete vegan proteins

2 Ways to combat belly fat

Handwriting helps improve brain function

Healthy teas 

Summer safety

Fabulous flax

Improving circulation

4 Great foods for eye health

Adding cinnamon to your diet

Maintaining B-12 Levels

Reducing carcinogenic intake when grilling

7 Ways to build super immunity

6 Factors supporting your immunity

Where to find the best fiber

Foods that can improve sleeping patterns

4 Foods that help the skin

4 Foods that lower blood pressure 

4 Reasons to dig coconut oil

Benefits of drinking lemon water

12 Things that may be lurking in your supplement

9 Ways to get your Chia on

10 Tips to ensure good sleep

Petroleum: The toxic skin care ingredient

Ways to reduce cell phone radiation

5 Bean Benefits

Nail fungus tips

The dangers of fluoridated water

Healthy bathroom habits

Benefits of aloe vera

Decaffeinated coffee warning

The dangers of common personal care products

Naps may be more beneficial than you think!

The benefits of consuming more alkaline based foods

Alkaline foods 

5 warning signs for thyroid disorder

4 reasons for reading

The best and worst fish to eat

Ways to improve your breath

5 other benefits to taking a bath

Hand washing statistics

Sleeping well

5 Reasons to go organic 

5 foods you can eat anytime

Sleeping well

Potentially lethal and toxic chemicals in cosmetics

Do you feel chronically ill? 4 Reasons you may not think of

Chocolate cravings?

5 hormone disruptors

The benefits of alpha lipoic acid

Great food for the kidneys

Healthy gut bacteria benefits

4 ways to rid your kitchen of toxins

Is your morning routine slowly killing you?

Healthy habits for the New Year

14 Alkaline foods

The benefits of warm weather

The 10 worst GMOs on your grocery list

9 plants to detoxify your home

What is lurking in your carpet?

The benefits of licorice root

How harmful is your bedroom?

Best herbs to fight belly fat

Growing your own broccoli sprouts

Add some cucumber to your smoothies

Keep your face healthy

Simple, affordable superfoods

Infrared saunas 101

Meditation for inflamation

Stay well and flu free with these tips 

Tumeric and bay leaf team up to fight atherosclerosis 

Ancient healing powers of frankincense & myrrh

Teas that will relieve stress

Why being hydrated is so important

4 great anti inflammatory foods

5 ways to keep healthy skin in the winter months

5 foods for healthy teeth and gums

5 toxic chemicals in your home to ditch

7 Root vegetables to boost health

7 Ways to boost your immune system 

Hospitality News

TGI Fridays rolling out a new look for franchisees 

Biggest fast food failures of all time

Del Taco expanding in the Midwest

Mcdonald’s turns down GMO potatoes

Ruth’s selling off Mitchell’s Fish Market to Landry’s

Dunkin’ to open 7 new locations in Phoenix

Pizza Hut to try a change up

Wendy’s not reeling in value minded guests

Papa John’s sees strong sales, but rising cheese price muffles profits

Macaroni Grill rolls out Romano’s Kitchen Counter!

McDonald’s restructuring into 4 regional districts

Buffalo Wild Wings sees huge 3Q gains

Taco Bell rolling out mobile ordering

Jimmy John’s has workers sign contracts?

Dunkin’ looking at lower than expected sales

Chick Fil-A biggest threat to McDonald’s family base

McDonald’s reaching out to customers

Darden on brink of mutiny

Olive Garden beats previous years’ sales last month

New Jersey minimum wage hike crushing small business

Never ending pasta pass tarnishes Olive Garden rep

Gov. Brown vetoes franchisee protection bill

Dave & Buster’s files for IPO

Changes coming to Olive Garden

Burger King: North American stores sales rise

McBrunch is coming

Baskin-Robbins looking for franchisees

Perdue claims to have stopped using antibiotics 

Pizza Hut partners with Visa to make online payments a breeze

Subway will use a healthful approach to marketing this fall

Burger King merger with Tim Horton's

McDonald's names new U.S. president 

Restaurants scaling down menu sizes

Pizza Hut is feeling blue

Wendy’s profits soar

Fiesta Group sees rise in Pollo Tropical

Bloomin’ Brands sees decline in dinner traffic

2Q Net Income increase for Burger King

Children at restaurants-venues taking a stand

Panera & Chipotle chipping away at the fast food giants

Hershey’s announces an 8% increase in price on all products

Dominos profits rise 2Q significantly 

Update: Burger King & Starbucks now in the China meat mix

McDonald’s & YUM! forced to investigate meat supplier

June sales slow down

Olive Garden’s new design to roll out soon

Unlimited appetizers at TGI Fridays

World Cup helping to bolster food sales from pubs to pizza

Restaurant traffic in May highest since 2012

Village Inn to expand

Del Taco ramping up for 50th Anniversary

NPC International to purchase Wendy’s units

Subway to install Keurig brewing units in stores

McDonald’s still faltering domestically

Starbucks to open up all day café

Same store sales increased in May

Panera will remove all artificial ingredients by 2016

Food & Beverage News

Fairlife: Fortified milk from Coca Cola

Yumbo hot ham and cheese back at BK

McDonald’s to offer clementines as a Happy Meal option

Budweiser ditching Clydesdales for rappers

Record high beef prices crushing restaurants

Tour of Italy gets a brief makeover at OG

Tequila flavored beer Oculto coming soon from AB

Soda tax set for California

Camouflage ice cream at Baskin-Robbins

Honest Tea launching a new look January

Pepsi testing Sodastream product

Fireball Whiskey pulled from shelves in Finland

Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale tapped

New menu items around the chains

Coca Cola looking to refranchise to spur cost savings

AB Inbev & Pepsi Co. merger talks surface again

California harvests suffering from drought

Xochitl busted for using GMO corn!

NY judge rules Arizona Iced Tea owner must pay 1B in buyout

The “King” of Whiskey-Pappy

Perdue Chicken will remove “Humanely Raised” from labels

Coca Cola & Pepsi launching stevia sodas

Red Bull prices going up 5%

Coca Cola signs new bottler deals

Pepsi looking to create “Pop Rock” granola bar

Coca Cola brings back Surge

New menu items

Milk prices soar

Taco Bell testing a biscuit taco

Dunkin Donuts now offers almond milk

Honest Tea ventures into K-cups

Braintrust Investments LLC acquires Inko’s Teas

Maple water set to enter hydration market

Pumpkin beers to try this fall

Coca Cola Life coming to The Fresh Market in September

White Wave will remove carrageenan from Silk and Horizon brands

Little Caesar’s rolling out pretzel crust pizza next week

Many French wines found to contain phthalates

Ground beef hits an all time high price

McCafe retail packages will be launched in 2015

Sports drinks vs. Soda: Is there much difference really?

Tim Horton’s debuting dark roast beginning Aug 15th

Burger King pulling plug on SatisFries 

Chicken Fries are back at Burger King

Wendy’s pretzel bacon burger here to stay

Chick Fil-A to offer specialty grade coffee

CA craft brewers fear draught will change business outlook

Hal’s New York Seltzer coming soon

The UK will be installing raw milk machines

How high pressure processing will change the juice industry 

Target Field installs beer vending machines 

Great Lakes Brewing up an astronaut themed ale 

Apple & Eve acquired by Lassonde

Anheuser-Busch & Miller Coors will post ingredients online for consumers


Tracking Outbreaks

Ebola breakouts still occurring despite lack of coverage

Leading virologist warns this may be more infectious than previous strain of Ebola

Chikungunya continues to spread in Florida

Enterovirus D86 now causing paralysis in children

Ebola cases out of control WHO warns

Latest on Ebola-Aug. 12th

Puerto Rico sees explosion in Chikungunya cases! 

Chikungunya cases spiking in New York& Jersey 

Ebola infected passenger may have exposed thousands to deadly virus

American Ebola patient being flown to Atlanta for treatment

Top doctor in Sierra Leone contracts Ebola

Bubonic plague breakout in China

Chik-V jumps to US

Ebola outbreak largest on record

PEDv still ravaging piglet population

Could Ebola enter the U.S.?

What is lurking in my food? Living space? Environment? 

Microcrystalline cellulose or powdered cellulose in fast food

The top 5 lurking toxins

5 Reasons to avoid hand sanitizers

Ditch the chemical air fresheners 


Trisodium phosphate (Paint Thinner) in cereals


Azodicarbonamide in more than you think!

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